Is your website ready for The new WordPress Editor?

The Gutenberg Editor Compatibility Audit

Discover what issues your website might experience when upgrading to WordPress 5.0 with the new Gutenberg editor.

What will the compatilbity audit cover?

Plugin Compatibility

Are your plugins ready for WordPress 5.0? Get a complete list of all your active plugins and their level of compatibility with the new WordPress editor.

Theme Compatibilty

We’ll dive into your theme’s code and determine which, if any, components will stop working with the new WordPress editor.

Shortcode Compatibility

Do you use shortcodes in the WordPress editor? There is a good chance they won’t work with the new editor. Get a thorough list of what shortcodes you are using so that you can plan to turn them into Gutenberg blocks when you are ready.


Are you using custom built plugins? Maybe a developer added some custom code to your theme? We’ll investigate and determine whether there will be any issues when using the new Gutenberg Editor.

Bonus Video!

Your audit will also include a useful video on getting started with the Gutenberg editor.

What it’s like working with us…

I can focus on making my podcast

Justin is a dream to work with. He’s speedy, creative, and best of all a great communicator. With my website in Justin’s capable hands, I can focus on making my podcast and rest assured knowing that all site issues will be taken care of. 
Hillary Frank

Longest Shortest Time

I go to KornDev for everything

I go to KornDev for everything. In fact, I try not to use anyone else. They are professional, patient, easy to work with, fast, and their work is impeccable.
Katie Barcelona

Principal, Katie Barcelona Design

Excellent features and exemplary service

I trust all my client’s websites in the capable hands of KornDev. The hosting is reliable, with excellent features and exemplary service. The relief I feel knowing that KornDev is keeping an eye on the servers, and will jump into and handle any issue is worth every dollar.
Ben Klocek

Bracia:. Design

Wonderful service! Wonderful people!

KornDev services, and specifically Justin Korn, are a valuable resource. The metrics give me a quick snapshot of use, which I can link to our social media communications. Unlike other services, with KornDev we have never experienced any downtime or issues. Wonderful service! Wonderful people!
Elaine Clark

Cheif Executive Officer, Meals on Wheels and Senior Outreach Services

Make your site Gutenberg compatible today!

Save Time

Do you have time to spend hours trying to figure out what is compatible with the new Gutenberg editor? Let us do it for you.

Know What’s Next

With your audit report, you’ll know exactly what needs to be fixed. Take it to your developer (or hire us) to get an estimate on what it’ll take to be fully compatibly with the new editor.

Save Money

This offer won’t last forever. Take advantage of it so you can take full-advantage of WordPress 5.0 with the new, powerful, and block based Gutneberg editor.

Questions with Answers

Why should I audit my site for compatibility?

Without doing an audit first, you’re taking the risk of something breaking when you decide to upgrade. Know exactly what needs to be modified or updated to take full advantage of the new editor in WordPress 5.0. If you’re lucky, the audit will reveal everything is compatible, but at least you’ll know before taking the leap.

Why can't I just use the Classic Editor plugin?

You can and you should, at least until you know your website is compatible with the new editor.

Just know, the Classic Editor plugin will not be maintained forever. In fact, it’s only guaranteed to be maintained until 2022.

When will I get the result of my audit?

We’re aiming for within 1 week of purchasing and providing us the necessary details and access we need to perform the audit. We can perform 2 – 3 audit’s per week. If demand is high, it might take a little longer.

What will you need to perform the audit?

We’ll need an adminstrator account setup on your WordPress install. After purchasing the audit, a follow-up email will be sent detailing how to set this account up.

What happens after I receive my audit?

The results will detail what (if anything) is not compatible with the new editor in WordPress 5.0.

Our recommendation is that you take the audit to your developer or site administrator and have them review and fix any issues found. If you don’t have someone that can help you, KornDev is available and can provide you an estimate to fix all of the issues in the audit.

Can I view a sample audit?

Sure! We’ve done an audit of our primary website ( just like we’d do for your website. You can view it here.

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